Make new sustainable solutions
for your company and the future

SUND Group s.r.o is a multifaceted GreenTech company and a supplier of pioneering sulphite-based biorefining solutions.

We offer R&D, engineering and licensing of our technical solution platform which we have been validating for over 25 years. Through our platform based on sulphite-processes one can produce sustainable, renewable and fossil-free products which are ready to replace the corresponding fossil ones.

Through our platform we will lower energy consumption and environmental impact and at the same time increase the production in a sustainable way. The platform will be a way of increasing revenues and decrease in investment and operational costs. Our technology is an innovative next-generation process, which overcomes the challenges usually faced by other processes and biorefining techniques.

Key indicators

years of successful use worldwide.
0 %
reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions.
0 %
of the forest’s biomass (incl. branches, tops, stumps, etc.) is converted into saleable products.
0 %
less energy is consumed.
0 %
better cash flow and lower investment costs than our competitors.

Today's problems and our solutions

We are convinced that a combination of technology, innovation and determination can make a real difference in the world we live in today. We live and work according to our unique working methodology “forest, production, products, recycling” and we are also convinced that forest products with recycling are a way of being an integral part of the solution to reduce carbon footprints and create a sustainable world.

Our mission is to accelerate the development of forests and biomasses into more sustainable materials through innovation and technological excellence.

Our vision is to be a global force that drives positive change towards a sustainable future.

Proven Technology​

Our biorefinery platform is based on a technology which have been used and proven globally for 150 years. Our platform takes the technology to the next level which solvessome issues with the previous process. We offer a licensing of our platform…

Research & Development​

For 25 years we have worked with R&D of the biorefinery processes with focus on the Sulphite-processes. Today we possess a unique knowledge in these areas and can act as an independent expert to companies and help with reseach and development…


We offer high-competence engineers which has expertise in dimensioning and drawings of process equipment and leading industrial projects at factories. Our engineers have competence from international industrial projects related to processes and energy…