We are moving our headquarters from Prague to Pardubice!

From 1/6-2022, our head office will be located in central Pardubice at the address nám. Republiky 2686. The Prague office will remain and function as a branch office.
With the move to Pardubice from the head office, our most important establishment of our TechCenter in SemtinZone, which is located in Rybitví, will also take place. We have reason to return to this later.
The reason for the move of the head office to Pardubice is our establishment of our TechCenter in SemtinZone and is a strategically important investment. Our long-term plan is to create a unique and leading chemical hub center for green chemistry where forest raw materials and other biomasses can instead be used instead of fossils.
But the city and region of Pardubice have many unique advantages over the spirit of places of establishment in the world. Pedubice has a unique combination of schools, universities, research institutions and industrial companies with a solid knowledge of chemistry that is gathered in one place.