Europe’s new technology center for the bioeconomy in the Czech Republic is established here.

It is now clear that the board and the owners of SUND Group s.r.o. has decided to establish an international leading technology center (SUND TechCenter) to accelerate the commercialization of SUND’s various technologies. The new test bed center is intended to be built in stages and will be located in SemtinZone which is located in Pardubice about 100km east of Prague and is designed to offer a unique innovation environment where companies, researchers and entrepreneurs can meet.

In connection with SemtinZone and Pardubice’s existing industrial infrastructures and research environments, a new technology center will be built with a unique innovation environment where there will be space for pilot equipment, laboratories, offices and meeting places. In addition to the infrastructure and operator strength provided by SUND, we will also attract other companies to establish their own test and demo equipment and with their own staff in connection with our facility to create a dynamic innovation center with a focus on bioeconomy.

The new center in Pardubice is the hub of SUND Group’s business plan where the investment in sulphite-based biorefinery technologies is central to contributing to the green transition on a global level and where the Czech Republic with a tradition of creating innovations with advanced engineering and a leading engineering industry can The Czech Republic contributes globally to the realization of the green transition. SUND’s test beds for biorefinery, the Czech Republic can become Europe’s center for commercialization of new green solutions, business establishments with international investments where the Czech Republic can become a pioneer country and the leading country by enabling the transition in the country’s industry from fossil raw materials to forest-based raw materials. which in turn will make the country less dependent on oil and gas that must be imported, while at the same time providing an improved standard of living both economically and environmentally.

– The development of the test beds in the demo pilot plant creates a system that can imitate various biorefinery processes for converting forest raw materials into products that replace fossil raw materials while being able to remove most of the emissions created in similar processes today. This creates an opportunity for companies that use fossil raw materials to test and develop their own production, to use forest-based raw materials in their production and thus pave the way for the new bioeconomy.

– We hope that our new TechCenter, and our combined expertise within SUND, will be exactly the support that companies need to reduce their climate footprint and contribute to new sustainable products and processes.

– In connection with the establishment in Pardubice, investments will also be made in a Logistics Center in Rostock (Germany), two Service Centers in Iggesund (Sweden) and Kokkola (Finland), says Eva Forsberg, CEO of SUND Group s.r.o.