SundFit® Technology


Ammbifite™ process is a new self-developed continuous sulphite process (3rd generation) based on the bisulphite method with ammonium-based cooking chemicals.

ASC™ process (Ammbifite Semi Chemical) is a modified Ammbifite™ process line for high-capacity pulps with yields between 60-95% for tissue, cardboard, corrugated board, 3D printing etc.

SundCel™ process is a modified continuous Ammbifite™ process for the production of advanced dissolving pulps.

SundRec™ is a process for recycling and processing the chemicals for the Ammbifite™ process without deboning in a recycling boiler. Instead, this takes place in a closed and circular process that does not create any emissions.

SundNol™, SundPro™ are techniques for extraction of the wood substance (hemicellulose) where fractionation of the raw material (pentoses and hexoses) takes place for a variety of high-quality products such as biofuels, biochemicals, vegetable proteins, biogenic carbon dioxide, etc.

SundLin™, SundOil™ are techniques for extracting lignin and extracts from the wood into various renewable high-quality products such as lignosulfonate, biovanillin, bio-crude oil, bio-crude gas, etc.

SundZat™ is an automation and control system for the SundFit® platform. This ensures the operation and implementation of the various technologies on the platform for the highest capacity of utilisation and continuously optimising the biorefinery for the best production results.