SUND is here to help you and your company make the future sustainable.

We offer competent technical experts with very long experience from process industries around the world. The majority of our engineers have experience from various international projects. Therefore, we can put together exactly the team needed for your specific project where you need technical expertise.

Our offer!

We have particularly high competence in sulphite-based biorefinery technologies and can be counted as an independent expert company that offers interdisciplinary engineering with a wide range of knowledge base where we can deliver everything from simple feasibility studies to advanced design and complete EPCM projects. With our solid knowledge and long experience, we guarantee that each assignment is performed efficiently and reliably with a focus on your best interests.

What do we do?

Our expertise has knowledge from the entire processing chain – from plant to end product – covers everything from laboratory tests and feasibility assessments, conceptual, process and plant technology to the implementation of biorefinery projects performing each assignment completely objectively. Our various expert teams will fine-tune the process to suit exactly your purposes.

In which areas?

Our engineers are so well versed in chemical and bioengineering and so also with the emphasis on technological engineering. Where we can deliver services to the process industry with a focus on biorefineries. But for our experts, all assignments are interesting as long as there is an interesting challenge in them. We are there for you no matter what challenges you face.

What is our strength?

The strength we have is our unique breadth and proximity to the R&D department’s many experts. This means that we have a unique base which in turn allows us to offer a unique breadth of expertise and knowledge. In addition, our technology continuously improves the platform, and finds new sustainable solutions for your needs, which means that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge.