The SundFit® platform where we hold patents, trade secrets and know-how.
Our licenses are intellectual property to industries, machine builders and/or project developers. Licensees have access to extensive support at the SUND TechCenter where they have access to the various expert teams for R&D, technology, consulting, troubleshooting and training.

Feasibility and concept studies
The general processes represented on the platform are well documented. To ensure successful biorefining, we need to study your specific conditions. Tree species, biomass, energy and your desired products are among the many factors that play a role. Our consulting team will take care of this and compile their work according to their areas of expertise.

Laboratory and scaling tests
Our R&D team has considerable experience in lab and upscaling processes. By analysing your raw materials, we can develop recipes that meet your specific wishes and needs – so that the expected products from biorefining achieve the best qualities. We test and evaluate a number of alternatives to develop the optimal process conditions and end products that can be specifically produced from your raw materials.

Front-end engineering and design
The team of engineers are experts in their specific disciplines. They will be there for you so that you and the team can work closely together to set up the specific project requirements that will form the basis for the basic design we compile to reach a certain level for production, equipment, materials, automation, etc.
Standards, guidelines, assumptions, exceptions and potential problems are identified and reported. We put a lot of energy into financial and commercial calculations to highlight the finances and costs of the project. Based on these documents and designs, we can develop an EPC contract with a partner.

Detailed engineering, construction and delivery
When we sign the EPC contract with licenses with you, together with our EPC partner, we will deliver a turnkey complete facility where we take responsibility for cost, time and quality of delivered work, including performance guarantees on a complete facility.
Our engineering team will deliver an EPCM service to you as a customer and our EPC partner. We will provide overall project management, machine constructions etc. to ensure the successful implementation of the project with you.

Start-up and handover of the facility to the licensee
When commissioning with you, we ensure that the desired results are achieved. Therefore, all our teams from consultants, R&D, service, support and engineers will be there for you to ensure that commissioning, training and problem solving take place continuously during the start-up phase and handover of the facility to you as a licensee customer.

Aftermarket services and support for the licensee
When we play our part in handing over the facility to you as a licensee, we carry out further optimisation, adjusting recipes and the driving style to achieve optimal production. This is why we have set up a TechCenter for licensees like you. Here, you have access to extensive support with R&D, labs, engineers, consultants, service personnel, etc. These are all for you as a customer and licensee to feel safe and demonstrate how we want to achieve long-term relationships with you as customers and licensees. In addition to solving problems, we are helpful in developing your products and processes so that in the future, you can meet the demands of new or existing customers for products and their properties.