We are an expert in biorefinery processes.

A biorefinery consists of a number of new processes and solutions that together form a complete solution for the conversion of biomass into green products, which have previously been fossil-based. This is an area that requires broad collaboration and access to many different specialist competencies.

Our offer!

A creative research environment aims to create highly efficient and environmentally sound biorefinery processes, including methods and tools for manufacturing products such as biofuels, “green” chemicals and new bio-based materials – based on biomass from forests or waste as a raw material.
We work as specialists with specific competence in their subject area and know-how to project manage various development projects and support business development. Our R&D services include the entire biorefinery’s value chain, from plant to development of processes and products that can be commercialized.

What do we do?

What we do is different in that our knowledge lies in using all parts of the tree and recycling and returning used products. We are experts in sulphite processes and our specialty is “green” basic products which in turn can be used as building blocks in bio-based products. These can be plastics or medicines, coatings, linings, adhesives, etc. all based on trees or waste as raw material.
Through the SUND Engineering department, we can also perform R&D to ensure that different processes, such as in a biorefinery, work with maximum efficiency in terms of energy use and as a unit. In a biorefinery, a number of processes and their different process streams of primary and by-products must work effectively together and that little or no harmful impact on the environment occurs by limiting harmful emissions to air, land and water.

In which areas?

The core of our R&D service is in bioenergy, biotechnology and forestry. We have a broad scientific collaboration with research organizations and groups globally that aims to be a driving force for innovation and help companies.

What is our strength?

We have set up a creative research environment to attract the new generation of academic researchers, develop scientific expertise in bioenergy, bio-based products and biotechnology by finding the best brains in bioenergy and biorefinery for research and development.