Recycling refining solutions

SUND recycling refinery products produced from our processes will end up as waste in one way or another. This means that they need to be treated as waste in one way or another. Our vision is to try as far as possible to recycle the products using various methods, either by reusing them to produce new products or converting these into energy.

“Recycling 1 ton of paper saves about 17 trees and the fibre can then be recycled about 7 times for paper products before it becomes bio-crude oil” “1 kg plastic, takes about: 2L of crude oil.

Today, the global recycling of plastic is about 20%. About 25% is burned for energy and 55% is deposited”. We offer proprietary and proven technologies that sorts, processes and recycles various waste and residual products from households, industries, etc. and these can become new raw materials and energy for the biorefinery.

Our focus is to offer a new concept where recycled products are reused in the biorefinery to provide a complete solution to use recycled materials in the refinery processes that increase financial outcomes while helping to improve values and make the world a cleaner place to be. With our experience and wide range of processes, working together with you, we can tailor just your SUND process.

We offer the market technology for recycling waste and residual products so that these can be processed in various ways for sales to new raw materials and energy.