SUND Tech Center is our (Service and Support) center for you who are licensees.

Here we can offer you comprehensive support services as we have gathered all our knowledge and resources such as R&D, engineering and technology under one roof.

Our offer!

We offer you as a licensee a comprehensive support and service around the processes for which you have acquired licenses. These services range from helping you solve various problems, primarily developing your business by continuing to develop the processes and products. We also offer training, to be helpful with staff recruitment, and offer staff everything from truck drivers to management assignments short and long.

What do we do?

Regardless of your wishes, we try to help you in the best way. If we do not have the competence right then, we will acquire it.

In which areas?

R&D, labs, engineers, consultants, service staff, etc. The list can be made long, but above all we are there for you.

What is our strength?

We can deliver a whole to you as a licensee. You should feel confident that we are there for you and we want to see you succeed. That is why we see long-term relationships with you licensees because you are our driving force.